Full Version: SEC didn't close door on Texas A&M, it's letting process play out
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A&M Still going to SEC...

The SEC and A&M are just going through the legal parts of this to minimize the chances of getting sued. A&M and SEC are too far down this road for it not to happen. It will happen officially in the next 2 weeks...
I pretty much agree. after 2 years of trying to leave, I find it hard to believe that A&M will reaffirm its league commitment again. I fully expect to hear something from the school in the next week or so saying that they feel the Big 12 has breached its contract with the school and as a result they will begin actively seeking a new conference afiliation for the 2012 season.

a week or so later, after the Big 10 and Big East suddenly appear magically interested in A&M the SEC will vote to accept them and then the fun begins
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