Full Version: Police: Bortz’ accuser retracts allegation
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Police: Bortz’ accuser retracts allegation
1:57 pm, May 20, 2011 | Written by cweiser

Eileen Kelley reports:

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(Enquirer file)
City councilman Chris Bortz

Updated 4:15 p.m.

Charges will not be filed against Cincinnati City Councilmen Chris Bortz who on Thursday was accused of using a racial slur and threatening to shoot a sanitation worker.

Police spokesperson Fran Cihon said in a statement “the victim has retracted his allegations and the investigation has been closed.”

Bortz’ response: “I’m pleased that the alleger came forward and admitted the truth. False claims are dangerous and undermine the integrity of our systems.”

Detective Finnis Bonner told the Enquirer Friday that the case was closed because there was not enough evidence that a crime was committed.

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On Thursday, sanitation worker Shawn Allen, 43 of Golf Manor, claimed Bortz was upset after being rousted from his house in Mount Adams. A garbage truck driver had to sound the horn so that Bortz would come out and move his car so that the garbage truck could get by.

According to the police report, Allen claims Bortz stated: “N—, stop blowing that horn. I will shoot your a—.”

Allen could not be reached for comment Friday.

Allen filed the report at 1:10 p.m. Thursday and told police the alleged racial slur happened at 9 a.m. Bortz claims he was rousted from his house at around 7:15 a.m.

Bortz told the Enquirer Thursday that he told the driver that there was not need to honk the horn and that he was moving his car. He emphatically denied using any racial slur.

Bortz said he was contacted by a police detective yesterday and told about the ethnic intimidation allegation.

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