Full Version: Channelsurfing.net seized, shut down by Feds
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They have been shut down by Homeland Security. Copyright issues.

Try going to channelsurfing and see what pops up.

I saw this first on the Kent State board and the poster linked to http://chicago.sbnation.com/2011/2/1/196...d-security
A little more info on this. I love how all the sites that are reporting on this have to say "of course we'd never endorse this behavior" (using a site that probably is not in the clear legally).


Google channelsurfing.net and down near the bottom is a notice that a complaint caused Google to pull some results. They link to this DMCA complaint to Google.
Another interesting thing in this article, US gov't shuts down a similar website to channelsurfing, even though its been ruled as legal in the spanish courts.

Homeland farking Security?

God, this Oligarchy masquerading as a Republic sucks.
(02-01-2011 08:36 PM)bronconick Wrote: [ -> ]Homeland farking Security?

God, this Oligarchy masquerading as a Republic sucks.

Awesome. Never stop questioning, especially sketchy behavior like that.
I'm just sick over this. I found out tonight at about 7:00P.M. I always looked to see who's on, even if we're not playing. MHB-I was going to post it, but I was so pissed about it, and with the country having all this bad weather, I didn't want to be the bearer of more bad news. I got to admit, I used to think I was getting over on the NFL, for those Thursday Night Games on the NFL Network. My package with Comcast doesn't include the NFL Network. So I figured out how to bootleg it, like everybody else did. I knew one day, the NFL would figure this out. NOBODY gets over on the NFL! It's such a monster, that it's literally out of control. It's just too damn big-there's too much money to be made! So where do we go from here WMU fans? I'll never subscribe to our network, not because I'm cheap. It's because I always hear everybody complaining about it. Back to WKZO, and my imagination!
Pssh. Most of them are back up under domain names that aren't American already. No need to panic.

The important thing is to know that the United States have won the War on Terror, because DHS is looking for things to do. Only took twice as long as WWII. Whoo!
You're right Nick. Try http://www.soccertvlive.net/
That's a .net. It'll be gone as well, soon enough. You have to look for .tv, .me, .es, .eu and the like.
O.K.-This reminds me of some covert operation.
Oh good, another war we can't win. Throw it on the pile.
Thanks CharmCity for posting this!
You know what they say about us criminals: Always one step ahead of the feds. Haven't you seen the Wire?
that seems kind of ballsy to start the same site right back up again doesn't it? Even if it's in a different location?
(02-03-2011 03:53 PM)Charm City Bronco Wrote: [ -> ]You know what they say about us criminals: Always one step ahead of the feds. Haven't you seen the Wire?

Are you really a criminal if:

#1 The person sharing the broadcast is paying their cable bill
#2 The person sharing is including the commercials

The answer of course legally is yes, all that crap (lawyer talk) you have to agree to in your user agreement. Fortunately we have offshore servers in Europe & Asia to make things more tricky for the government.

Thanks for the new link.
No college or pro games listed the last two days. This tells me we're out of luck again. The one I found the other day is still working. http://www.soccertvlive.net/. I'm watching the Cleveland @ Dallas game, to see if the Cavaliers can extend their losing streak.
Cleveland 96 @ Dallas 99 FINAL-Cleveland now has lost an NBA record 25 straight games.
Today makes 3 straight days that no college or pro games are listed on http://www.channelsurf.eu I guess we can kiss this goodbye for WMU Football and Basketball games now.
that sucks with the Akron game being on STO.
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