Full Version: Will Irish beat Miami in Sun bowl?
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I see one interesting news in Google called "Notre Dame, Miami coaches see Sun Bowl game differently"

My comments is bull ****. Don't consider humble as weak. Irish will definitelly beat Miami in Dec 31th.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly and Miami interim head coach Jeff Stoutland addressed the media this morning at the Hawthorn Inn - each coming from a different perspective.
"We are certainly humbled to be here," said Kelly, who is finishing his first season as Notre Dame head coach. "There was a time when we were in a position that a bowl game wasn't a certainty for us."
Notre Dame won its final three regular season games to finish 7-5 and become bowl eligible.
"Our situation is a little different," said Stoutland, who will remain with the Miami staff under new head coach Al Golden. "This is our last game - not only for our seniors, but for many of our staff."
Miami head coach Randy Shannon was fired after the Hurricanes lost their final two regular season games to finish 7-5. Only three current assistant coaches are expected to be retained on the new staff.
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