Full Version: Please vote for Jake Coffman -Senior award
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Dear RED Riot members:

We need your help.

Please vote daily for Jake Coffman and spread the word.


The Lowe's senior class award is handed out once yearly to the senior who has done the most for his community, college and Country.

At present we are losing to Navy and need all the help we can get.
Competition closes December 6th, and you may vote daily per computer.
Hence you could vote three time on three different computers.

Jake Coffman is a marine Sgt who served two terms of duty in Iraq and although he graduated from NIU in 3 years, came back after turning down a job offer to lead NIU to hopefully it's first MAC title in 27 years.
He came on the football team as a walk on, and through hard work earned a scholarship and the teams respect.

Due to Jakes Commitment extra-ordinary sacrifice and commitment to NIU, this year will hopefully be ours. Please help us out as best as you can.

Yours thankfully

Jake Coffman fan
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