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Just because he got out of the ditch doesn't mean he is able to drive......
(11-02-2010 06:07 PM)MileHighBronco Wrote: [ -> ]Just because he got out of the ditch doesn't mean he is able to drive......

Out of the ditch and off the cliff.
Just a thought...

Obama's first punchline was that you put the car in "D" to go forward and "R" for reverse.

Now he's talking about getting out of a ditch.

If you run a car into a ditch, don't you put the car in reverse to get it out?
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Cronkite he ain't ............

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(11-11-2010 05:04 PM)cb4029 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: feudal-society.jpg]

How are those Dim policies working for the inner cities, CB? Good? Cool. I'll just ignore all the projects created by the Dims to "round up" their voter base and keep'em in line.
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(11-12-2010 12:00 AM)Cletus Wrote: [ -> ][Image: mrz110610dAPR20101104074540.jpg]

Sadly, this is so true.
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(11-19-2010 05:37 PM)cb4029 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: groping-1118.gif]

Yeah, d1ck, that's due to YOUR President's incompetent appointee. He appointed a tax evader to head the IRS, an incompetent governor of the most porous state in the union to be in charge of protecting the ENTIRE country, a USSC appointee with NO judicial experience, and he, himself, had NO executive experience.

This is what you Democrat fools get us.
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(11-19-2010 05:37 PM)cb4029 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: gop-tax-everything.jpg]

What I find bizarre about this one is that this is pretty much the way that Obama offered "compromise" to the republicans on the "stimulus," on Obamacare, and just about everything else so long as he had the senate supermajority. Remember "I won"? There's pretty obviously a double standard at work here.

Now that he no longer has the senate supermajority, and soon will no longer have the house majority, it will be interesting to see if he changes course. Will he become Bill Clinton or George W. Bush?
Good points, all. Funny how the dems shut out the GOP from writing any of the legislation and once they got drubbed in the election, now dems say that the election meant that the public wants "bipartisanship."

Bull. The American voting public just delivered a resounding "HELL NO!" to the Obama/dem agenda. We don't want bipartisanship (as the dems know it). Gridlock is much better for us. Better yet, making the dems stand up in Congress and debate and defend all the nonsense in their command/control legislation like Obamacare. Let's have the actual debate we were denied before that bill was rushed through and passed.
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