Full Version: James Kinney from Ohio U looking for Transfer, Murray State involved?
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“Kinney update
Posted by: Jeff Huth
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 2:00 PM
Just talked to the father of James Kinney, the former N-G Area Player of the Year in boys' basketball from Centennial. James Kinney Sr. said his son is awaiting the posting of a finalized transcript from Ohio University, where the ex-Chargers guard played as a freshman last season before being removed from the team for off-the-court problems.
Kinney recently completed an academic project, which had been holding up his transcript. Once the transcript is officially complete. Kinney is eligible to transfer to another school.
"We can't make a move until we have the transcript," Kinney Sr. said.
According to his father, Kinney has multiple junior college options and some Division I interest. Among jucos, Kinney Sr. specifically mentioned Lake Land in Mattoon, Wabash Valley in Mount Carmel and the College of Southern Idaho. Among Division I schools, Kinney Sr. said Murray State has shown strong interest and Baylor has expressed some as well.
If Kinney goes the juco route, he would be immediately eligible next season and use his sophomore year of eligibility. If he transfers to a Division I team, he would need to sit out next season per NCAA rules but would retain all three of his remaining seasons of eligibility.
With the academic project complete and the transcript paperwork expected shortly, Kinney Sr. was asked if he expected a decision to be made quickly. He said it was too soon to tell. He also said the recruiting experience has been similar to what Kinney experienced as a high school star. In other words, hectic, with lots of calls from lots of schools.”

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