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Did anyone hear if Freddie signed anywhere yet?
Da Bears....
Man, I hope he sticks. I'd just love to see him make it in the NFL. What a genuinely great guy!
Some nice comments about Freddie from the posters. The Bears were so bad at WR last year that I think he has a great shot at making the club.

Bears Sign 12 Undrafted Free Agents
They have a handful of UDFA at the WR spot. Seems like they expect to get at least one to stick to the roster. Just hope it's FB.
There's a pic of Freddie on Page 3 (#14)

Go, Freddie, Go!

Haven't heard much about Freddie Barnes in the rookie camp. Does he have any chance of making the team? He had great hands at Bowling Green and was a player you could count on.
Mike, Columbus, Ohio

Barnes is a long shot. He showed great hands but otherwise looked pretty ordinary in rookie camp. He could be the type of player who makes a name for himself in games, though. It seems all he does well is catch the ball and makes plays, if you know what I mean.
Mike: Thanks for helping to get Freddie some ink! :)

His answer pretty much describes Freddie's challenge. He doesn't do anything eye-popping, he just gets the job done day in and day out. Let's hope the coaching staff notices that.
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