Full Version: Calling all SWT/TXST BOBCATS!!!
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For any and all SWT/TXST Bobcats who may have lost touch with the university there is reason to get excited about Bobcat Athletics again. SWT/TXST is making a strong push to move to the FBS (DI-A) in football but it needs its Alumni to help. So far our University has made a strong commitment by funding several major construction projects. Namely Expansion of Bobcat Stadium and the Baseball Softball Complex. For any Alum that would like to support this move there are two things we are being asked to help us get an invite to a DI-A conference.

-Join our the Bobcat Club Min Membership is $100.00
-Buy season Tickets Recent grads get a discount.

That's it. For details follow this link. http://www.txstatebobcats.com/

If you know any other Bobcat that does not read these boards get them involved. If you ever wished you could see the likes of TCU, UofH, SMU, UNT, or UTEP playing at Bobcat Stadium this is your opportunity to put your name on this movement. Our university needs to show we have the numbers to support a DI-A program.

I'll be checking back to add more details about Bobcat Football and to answer any questions people might have. FYI I am a recent grad and not a member of the AD. I am trying my best to get the word out to build support for this move.
What is the TXST Drive to FBS

Answer: http://www.athletics.txstate.edu/thedrive/
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