Full Version: Will the Big South expand to 12?
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Currently at 10, Campbell will make it 11 when it re-joins in 2011-12. Will the Big South remain at 11 and play 20 conference basketball games? Or, will they add another and make it 12?


Longwood - Then again, if the Big South (or A-Sun) wanted them, they would have already received an invite, right?

ETSU - Travel partner for Radford and close proximity to UNCA, G-W....aka regional rivals, which might be more meaningful than its current A-Sun "rivals" (or lack of).

Jacksonville - Will the 'phins eventually add football scholarships and drift away from the PFL?


I'll say bring in ETSU.
I agree with adding ETSU. They always say they dont have rivalries where they are. They do have LU and Belmont. But they seem to be unhappy there. Would love to have them join us as well. Maybe they can resurect their football team in the Big South.
This has lightly been discussed on some of the team message boards. For basketball, it makes sense to go to 12 because then you can either split into 2 divisions or copy the ACC format. Both of those would make scheduling conference games easier and you wouldn't have the overkill of 22 conference games. Also, 12 teams makes it a lot easier to include every team in the conference tournament if that turns out to be an issue. However, since the conference has a heavy emphasis on establishing football, a new team would have to have football. I don't know how that would impact the conference for football because, quite frankly, since WU doesn't have football I don't really care about Big South football.

Staying at 11 teams makes the fight to stay out of the cellar more interesting, assuming the conference would still only accept the top 8 teams for the tournament. Also, with 20 conference games, you would think that all of the schools could limit the number of D2 (or lower) opponents, which always seems to be a point of contention with the fans.

As for the schools you have listed, I think ETSU would be the best choice. Close enough proximity to UNCA and the Virginia schools, but not so far away that it really kills a school on travel costs. Plus, and I don't have much of a basis other than name recognition, but I would think that their athletic program is better than both Longwood and Jacksonville. Other teams to think about would be some of the current ASun teams like a USC Upstate or Kennesaw State, but I seriously doubt any interest is in those teams because of no football. Also, a team like SC State would make sense, but I doubt they'd be willing to leave the MEAC and the Virginia schools would probably have a fit for adding another school from South Carolina.

Edit: I don't think the conference will expand, ETSU is just the best choice based on a hypothetical expansion.
ETSU stopped playing football in 2003 as well, so if the Big South is looking for football schools- they don't seem to fit the bill either.. otherwise I think they're the most likely addition (hypothetically speaking) & their fanbase seems to hate all the AD changes since they left the SoCon..
Yes, any new Big South school must play football. The league will continue to just say no to Longwood.

By the time the NCAA moratorium ends there will likely be a great deal of conference realignment. I suspect the is a chance that schools like Liberty & Coastal could be moving which might bring the overall Big South numbers back into a more palatable figure.

If expansion were a possibility, then in addition to Jacksonville I would look at Kennesaw State & Western Georgia.
Wasn't aware that ETSU dropped football....should have read CU97's post all the way through....in that case, I don't see expansion

Come on Sly, you make it sound like Longwood is bad like heroin or something.....oh wait, nevermind :D

LU and CCU have been saying for a long time that they are leaving, but I don't think it's happening any time soon. Just don't think there is much interest from other conferences. Unless a decision is made to leave and try to start their own conference, but the quality of sports program would be much like what is already in the Big South, so you wouldn't gain much by doing that.
Wouldn't care for it....AT ALL, but what about UNC Pembroke? The just finished their 3rd year as a D-II football indy.
(02-06-2010 09:38 AM)OrangeCamel Wrote: [ -> ]Wouldn't care for it....AT ALL, but what about UNC Pembroke? The just finished their 3rd year as a D-II football indy.

Is Pembroke thinking about going D1? They are a loooooooong way from doing that, in my opinion.

What are yall doing from a football standpoint? Staying as D1 non-scholarship or are yall trying to make the jump?

I'm from Northern Fayetteville and try to keep up with the Campbell athletic scene, but haven't done a good job as of late. Did you see that Brooks Lee is the interim coach at UNC-W?
No idea if Pembroke has D-1 aspirations but if they do, the Big South might be a destination for them.

As far as Campbell football, I haven't heard anything other than just speculation about adding scholarships in the future. Need to get our stadium finished first.....currently have completed visitors' side and temporary bleachers on the future home side.[/align]
First down Kennesaw State:


The Atlantic Sun may be boxed into taking Longwood if the requirements regarding Division II upgrades are toughened, although the departure of Campbell, who would have been their most logical travel partner, would hurt their chances.
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