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One of the things I find far more exciting about College football than the NFL is the turnover. Not the delicious breakfast pastry and I don't mean the pics and fumbles that killed UB this season. I am referring, of course, to the fact that with very rare exceptions a university only gets four years out of their players. Of course this hurts mid majors more than the AQ schools but like death, graduation comes for all.

After changing coaches the question of how and differing philosophies may impact the programs direction or approach it takes to recruiting is bound to come up. UB's defense in 2009 could be described as being, in theory, a bend but don't break defense. It's hard to judge just how successful the Bulls were, the defense was stuck with so many short fields that before they had a chance to break opponents were in the red zone.

Next Season Coach Quinn says he hopes to form an "Attacking Aggressive Style, relentless pursuit and when they arrive they will arrive in a bad mood". He has, reportedly, already brought in Bill Inge to take over the UB Linebackers and if he builds that unit in the same manner he styled Cincinnati that's going to mean a focus on the middle men anchoring the defense so that the guys on the outside can swarm on anything going to the corner.
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