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Breakdown of Coach Marshall's Coaches show this evening: (quoting loosely)

Very tentative defensively on Saturday. Many new guys, and their ferver, and ability to defend without fouling wasnt there. Practiced MUCH better today. Lots of things to improve upon.

Didn't think game wasn't ever in doubt, played all those they wanted to play and did things to get ready for first game on Sunday.

Thought our offense was really good, some bad decisions, but good FG% and FT%.
Have to have intestinal fortitude to stay with your man and guard for 35 seconds and we broke down much to much Saturday. They've seen the film, and we are working on doing better.

Expect extended defense, but remember KM and DW have to figure out how to keep people in front of them, so that will dictate how much we extend it. Didn't feel like we caused many problems when they did extend it.
No info on Clevin Hannah status, or updates on expected signing on Wednesday (Ehimen Orukpe)

Kansas State scrimmage went very well. We did much better than last year in Manhattan, competed well, very positive experience. Went at it for 4 hours. They bring a lot of pressure. Thought we handled it very well.

Have 8 returning guys, stayed around all spring and summer, took some classes and got ahead academically. Gained weight, strength and size working with Kerry. KSU very big, imposing team. We aren't as quick or athletic as they are, but our guys saw benefit and we are getting closer to them.

Dennis question: Very eventful evening. Glad for number of fans at game. Pleased to play everyone. Unforced T/O's and ease of which guards in particular drive to the hoop. Looks like GREAT group of guys, likes athleticism, but Gabe early on looks like a Cliff Levingston.

Response: Levingston was AA, not going to make comparison, but size and athletic wise they are comparable, but Cliff wasn't that skilled but hustled. Coach would gladly take 75% of CL. Toure and Hatch made a couple bad decisions, but most of rest was young guys. Working hard with toure on not forcing things, and hatch getting better. Many guys coming back, so new guys won't have to play that much vs last year when 4 guys (Murry, Kyles, Chamberlain and ) were in 1st year of DI. Working on making that extra pass to inside, opening up defense. Working on being more aggressive defensively. Durley taking charges, Stutz and Blair changing shots. Not near where they need to be, but Durley is working hard to get there and is ahead of other post defenders.
Guys jacked up wanting to make plays. Kyles doing to much, going after steals to get spectacular dunk leaving himself out of position. Both DW and KM were getting rubbed off on screens, not staying up hard and fighting through screens. Ellis with nice tie up. working on different ways to defend ball screens. 90% Hedge, 10% Frenzy is what they working on. May need to push out screener to slow down progress. Ellis called for foul early, but made him pick up his dribble and reached in and commited ticky tack foul. Refers to him as Edward Scissorhands. Needs to use length to guard and not reach.
Fairleigh Dickinson on Sunday, first of 4 games as part of CBE Classic. Ark-Monticello next before KC.

Call from Lyle: Who redshirt? 2nd, Mike Beasley listed at 6'10 ended up 6'8 1/4 is that strategy and is someone on WSU height exaggerated.

For Sure RS Jerome Hamilton, 5th big guy. JH extremely athletic, hard worker, already getting better, and will be big plus in future. JH felt was right thing to do, and unless something happens that will be all. Must decide tonight on other, and it may work itself out. Tyler Richardson is guy could benefit from it, Kenny Manigualt could if Demetric continues to impress with Hannah. Never know. Hates to waste years of good players when they can develop skills, strength, maturity, and why play if only going to get mop up minutes. Coached a kid at Winthrop that refused to RS, and as a SR people from NBA in Virgin Islands said he was the best prospect in tourney. If he had been JR, could have been drafted. Kid called while back and said biggest mistake was not RS.

Doesn't exaggerate height. Takes heights based on with shoes on, doesn't add in 1/2. but rounds up or down. Gets in early to make in promo player. Loves playing teams that do that. But doesn't believe in it.
Loves having those "long" players that make a person seem bigger, but loves to measure from shoulder down, and arm reach. Necks and long heads don't help you too much in basketball.

Ron call: Based on reading in Eagle, your offense is pretty complex. How long does it take on average for a player to be fully up on his offense and be effective.

We run multiple sets, and last year even in Orlando both Clevin and Toure were pretty up on stuff, but haven't coached any rocket scientist, but most can get it if they work hard on it, and we had 9 baskets where players didnt have to take a long shot, change play, or anything other than an easy put in. We are able to do that, plus then we can run breakdown (motion, dribble-drive) that was also pretty effective.

We do lots of game situations and give players 3-4 plays at a time, and gives them practice on sequence order that they can learn to make easier to do in game situations. John Kress (COC)and Walsh from 49ers both sequenced plays to open games, and by not verbalizing or signaling the defense doesn't know whats coming.

Plays have names, have about 20, but could end up with 40. about 17 from last couple years, tweak them each year, and 3 new this year based on things you can do to give Hannah open shot, or KM or DW easy lane to basket. Work based on how well they work.
Kevin call in: Was amazed by how well DW played as he wasn't very heralded. Your thoughts? Early season tourneys, would you rather get farther into season, or prefer those up front.

DW did not have opportunity to participate in KSU scrimmage, so this was his first opportunity to see any type of competition, so he did very well, least physically ready, but may be most mentally ready, focused, learning 1 and 2 position. Very bright. He is mastering 2 positions and doing it quite well. CBE, like most, is pre-non-conference UNC playing UFI part of early season tourney. Exempt tourneys, like Maui where we are going next year, typically are very early and only count as one game. Kick off the season. Participating in excellent tourneys with national fields that give us opportunity to play top notch teams on neutral courts giving us ways to judge where we are at. 5 or 6 days to prepare, FD plays @ Villanova on Friday before playing us on Sunday. Once a month into practice players ready to be out in front of crowd, get intros, run through smoke. Loves the crowd, but old school and could be locked in practice facility, and loved having whistle during live play (KSU scrimmage) but nice able to stop and correct what he says.
Coach Adams coming up next hour.
Thoughts on FD: New coach for first time in 27 years, HS coach last year. Trying to get HS films from last year, and verbal scouting from Villanova game on Friday night. NEC smaller conference, but having been in the smaller conference, but no one knows much about them and what they are going to do. They don't have any losses, just come in and play, nothing to lose, everything to gain, probably one of biggest crowds they will play in front of all year. Haven't added anything in recently, but Gabe is sick so don't like to teach anything without everyone. May have Flu, getting tested tomorrow. So watched film, worked on defense, and refined what we do.

10 different guys played 11 minutes against Newman, but mixed up some combinations, especially without Clevin. Ellis in early foul trouble. Stutz and Durley together. Clevin, Toure, David, Demetric and Hatch as perimeter players, with Ellis, Blair, Stutz, Durley. 9 guys, but could change, based on those that drop off, or pick up. Stutz used his size to get good shots. Jumping better, especially on 2nd jump. Dribble move disallowed, but was pretty cool. Highly coachable, motivated. Very soft hands. Has worked hard on lower body getting body under him, and looking at comparison between last year and this year. 218 last year, 238 and more athletic this year.
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