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I'm at that point in the year where I can see it in my wife's eye, she cant wait until football season is over and she doesn't care if I know it. Oh she will still make sure I have a few beers around for Saturday, still let me have way too much couch time, and still try her darnedest to care about UB football but in the end she wants me back on the weekends.

I can't say that I blame her all that much, Sunday through Friday I do my best to be super Dad / Spouse. But on Saturdays I generally don't do much other than watch Football, eat junk, and hit bulletin boards. In spending my Saturday like this I do three things that my wife only bares because she loves me.

I resolved to scratch talking about basketball at any level, but before I went through with it I posted a request on UBFan.com for someone who really knows and loves the sport to step up and blog UB Basket Ball.

Enter UB Senior Brandon Harris who will be joining Bull Run to take care of Basketball. With Brandon primarily focused on the courts I can focus on Football recruiting (or lack their of) and other UB Sports like Hockey. Brandon has decided to slack off from schoolwork a bit and contribute some of his impressive basketball insights to Bull Run.
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