Full Version: how to watch the Houston Cougars games live streaming online?
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I downloaded a software program to my computer that allows me to watch the Houston Cougars and basically any other NCAA college football game online via live streaming feed. I use it because I'm at work (aargh..) a lot of times when the games are played, and there's no TV at work. I use it so much that I actually prefer to watch football over the Internet instead of on TV.

It's easy to operate and downloads very quickly. The only pc requirements are DSL or cable Internet and a windows operating system (sorry mac users), and it apparently works in any country.
Anyway, the website below will give you instant access.
Its always better to watch them live if you can!!
(12-28-2009 11:21 PM)HoustonCougarNation Wrote: [ -> ]Its always better to watch them live if you can!!

Yes ,I do agree with you that its nice to watch live match as i do it so.
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