Full Version: What should be some new changes
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Any comments please post here.
What should be some new changes that should be adding to the board?
Check your grammar before you post and especially before you pin it
Yeah okay.
Hardcore Husky Wrote:Yeah okay.
Im right!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, FINALLY!!!!!!
Hardcore Husky Wrote:Yeah, FINALLY!!!!!!
No more like usualy
Hardcore Husky Wrote::bang:
Hardcore Husky Wrote::saber:
Hardcore Husky Wrote:05-nono
04-cheers 04-bow
Hardcore Husky Wrote:04-cheers 04-bow
OK, this is very intelligent. :laugh: :stupid:
I think we should get a BOTD board since this place has been rolling latly, and everyone knows how to post pics. 04-bow
YA! 04-cheers
What's BOTD? 03-confused
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