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I need photos if you attend the games. my emial is harmonh@bellsouth.net or PM me with them.



Here is the latest! The arrows indicate the new photo links. I have added links for all college teams. Send them if you have them.


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Thank you for giving the information.
Report: Ohio St. made scouts change
Don't wear blue while watching Ohio State practices.

Apparel resembling the colors of rival Michigan are not welcome while coach Urban Meyer has a say, no matter if the offenders are fans, media members, or, reportedly, NFL scouts.

At least two NFL scouts who wore blue while observing Ohio State at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center this month were told to change their shirts, according to a report by Fox Sports Ohio.

Staffers informed the scouts of Meyer's rule and some Buckeyes players even yelled at the scouts, according to the report. The school then gave the scouts Ohio State shirts to wear while watching practice.

Other NFL scouts who were not directly involved told Fox Sports Ohio the incident was "embarrassing" and could have been avoided.

"It's just not something that needed to happen," a scout said. "It could have been handled much better, and if that (blue-shirt) rule is going to be enforced, they could let us know."
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