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I think this UofA team will pull off some unexpected wins this season. You look at UofA's schedule, they have three good teams visiting Tucson(Utah, Wisconsin, Wazzu). Based on Stoops attitude of the team, I think this club will beat at least one of the three teams above. If UofA can go 2-2 in their 4 game homestand, that'll set up very nicely for the Cats heading into UCLA and Oregon. This UofA team could be a suprise this year.
I think they will get a good win or two but just not against WSU..lol..
Stoops is over his head, he's a coordinator trapped in a head coaches position, much like Tom Holmoe at CAL was.
UA was not impressive at all in its opener, they struggled vs D1AA NAU all night and pulled away in the final 5 minutes.

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