Full Version: Cougar basketball upset
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I didn't expect the victory at all but I am so glad it came..we truely deserved it..go cougars..
Huge upset for Wazzu, WSU had lost 39 straight to UA, there were a few Wazzu players who weren't even born the last time the Coogs beat the Cats. Crazy eh!

We beat USC today (61-53) after a heartbreaking loss against UCLA on thursday..damn.. =( cougar basketball seems to be back..
Coogs are playing well and have a good shot at the pac ten tourney, ASU narrowly escaped WSU in Tempe a week or so ago.
yes..the season is almost over and so we need to get all the wins that we can....the cougars that is..i hope we do well for the rest of the season..
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