Full Version: Can Marist or La Salle Beat the Dukes?
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Well, the MAAC will be played out in the next few weeks, and Iona seems to be the lackey this year.

That leaves only Marist & La Salle as the only ones who could possibly contend with Duquesne.

Marist is having an on-and-off again season. La Salle is showing a potent offense, and a questionable defense.

Marist will have to come with their A-game, and La Salle defense has to show, if either team hopes to have a shot at an upset.
Sure doesn't look like Marist will do anything against Duquesne based on their recent performances. That leaves La Salle, who has shown they can put up some numbers with their young squad.

Marist plays La Salle this weekend, so we'll see how it unfolds. It says here that La Salle will prevail.

If anybody is out there, comments are welcomed.
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