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I hope that we get a great class this year so that we can build on what success that we had in 2008. I am looking forward you yet another great year and expect great things to come from the 2009 team.03-woohoo
According to what I have seen on other sites and heard from people in the know, this is definitely going to one of our better classes.
OK so today is the big day let's see what happens. I hope it's a good say so we can celebrate in the FALL with a championship!!!!04-cheers
Here is the list:

George Bamfo (5-11, 200), LB, Rockwall Heath
Thomas Bates (5-11, 180), DB, Baytown Lee
Tyrone Campbell (6-1, 270), DT, Channelview
Jacky Candy (5-11, 205), DB, Coffeyville CC
Tyler Chambers (6-4, 233), TE, San Antonio MacArthur
James Cleveland (6-1, 205), WR, Baytown (Trinity Valley CC)
Ty Cloud (6-4, 300), OL, Highland Village Marcus
Jarve Dean (6-3, 330), OL, Coffeyville CC
A.J. Dugat (6-0, 190), WR, Dayton
Keenan Flax (6-4, 270), OL, Cypress Ridge
Kevin Forsch (6-5, 301), OL, Tomball
Drew Hollingshead (6-3, 190), QB, Rockwall Heath
Kelvin King III (6-2, 240), LB, Alief Taylor
Jeffrey Lewis (5-9, 180), Ath, Madison
Devin Mays (5-11, 170), CB, CC of San Francisco
Ralph Orawgwu (6-3, 276), OL, Marshall
Jared Pickett (5-9, 178), Ath., Marshall
Steven Robertson (6-2, 225), LB, Cleveland
Zeke Riser (6-4, 237), DE, LaVernia
Radermon Scypion (6-4, 225), DE, PA Memorial
Charles Sims (6-0, 190), RB, Westbury
DeAnthony Sims (6-3, 300), DT, Westbury
Phillip Steward (6-1, 203), LB, Hightower
Broderick Thomas Jr. (6-3, 180), QB, Madison
Roy Watts (6-6, 300), OL, Navarro JC
I am very pleased with who the school has signed. I think that it's about time we get some beefy linemen on the team. I hope that they can protect our quaterback and let him stay in the pocket a little longer. I also happy to see that we signed AJ dugat, that is one speedy reciever. Lets hope he lives up to the hype!!!

GO COOGS!!!!03-thumbsup
Here is a little write up a fan didL


DM said rumors of opponents (Maine and TCU) are yet to be firmed up. We are still working on the schedule. Conference schedule is still in the hands of the TV people. Same is true of future years' schedule although some have been printed in media guides. Nothing in stone yet.


Some would say Cougar fans are paranoid but after hearing and talking to folks today I believe more and more there is something to this. PAY NO ATTENTION to the service ratings. Our coaches make their own evaluations and several coaches today are working on game films of juniors. This is a hard working group.

Some of our committments went into this season ranked much higher then now but once they committed they were downgraded. Not because they had bad seasons but because they committed to us. Ain't fair but that is the way it is. We beat out several "name schools" for players who were rated much higher then now. This group is talented. Now for the specifics.


Top of the class is Dugat. He entered the season ranked by many experts as the best player in the state.After he committed to us he dropped to 3 stars. (Go figure) He is a threat to take it to the house any time he touches the ball. He will probably be returning punts, maybe kickoffs,for us next year.

Charles Sims: Our staff rated him the No.1 RB in the Houston area at the beginning of the season. He is big, fast and elusive. Incredible as it may seems coaches believe he will be pushing Beall for playing time this coming year. His highlight film reminds of some of our great runners in the past.

Broderick Thomas: A late commit. Our staff feels he has much more potential then some of the local qbacks who commited to the big names. Watching his highlights-watch out for this young man. He has a strong accurate arm and has speed to burn. A little raw with talent to burn.

Drew Hollinshead Coach has known this young man since he was a youngster. Father is a coach. Great football knowledge.

Tyler Chambers: Our coaches rated him the No.1 tight end prospect at the beginning of the season. He drew some PAC 10 offers late in the season. Highlight shows a big, strong young man who is hard to bring down.

Ty Cloud: Early commit to Kansas then switched to us. He may play early.

Javre Dean: Some coaches thought he came in too fat until Coach Jackson told them he ran a 5.0 forty. He will probably start at one of the offensive tackles. 6'3" 330. Big, strong, mean blocker.

Keenan Flax: An example (of many) of players who committed who prompted comments from some to coach "can you keep him?" Coach is proud of the fact we kept the ones we wanted. "We don't try to talk anyone into coming to U of H. If they don't want to be coogs we don't want them." Some of us oldtimers will know this sounds familiar from 30 years ago. He is a big fast OL 6'4, 240. The lineman we recruited this year are on average 20 lbs heavier then last year.

Kevin Forsch: a 6'5" 300 lb Olineman from Klien Oak. Missouri among others made a late push.

Ralph Oragwu: OL 6'3" 276. Big hands. He is a prince in one of the African countries (maybe Nigeria, I forget). Great potential.

Roy Watts: You don't have to say more then just about every SEC school was after him.

Tyrone Campbell: DT from Channelview (where we hope to continue our inroads) 6'1" 270. Huge lower body, very mobile.

Zeke Riser: Fun story here. OU was looking at this 6'4'' 237 lb DE but was filled up at that position. They called KS and told him that if they could not take him they didn't want to play against him. Now if you look back in past theads there was one poster who predicted these things would be happening given KS's ties with OU. Want to guess who it was?

Radermon Scrypion: 6'4' 225 DE. KS offered this young man last year after his first week on the job because he thought so much of him. He started out in the top 20 DE's in the state until he committed to us. Everytime KS has seen him he has gotten noticeably bigger. All the potential of a Sunday player.

DeAnthony Sims: 6'3' 300 LBS from Westbury. A big, fast athlete who can stop the run.

George Bamfo: A late commit at linebacker. Undersized at 5'11 (like some other linebackers who turned out pretty good like Wynn at A & M and Singletary at Baylor). He is fast, has a good nose for the football. Rockwall had 3 DivI linebackers. The other two signed with Arkansas and Ky. We feel he was the best of the 3.

Kelvin King: Alief LB 6'2" 240. Still growing and may start for us next year.

Steven Robertson: 6'2' 225 lb LB from Cleveland. Good speed and loves to hit.

Phillip Steward: another LB (which shows KS' committment to defense. Speed on defense.

Thomas Bates: DB from Baytown. Our first commit and one who was ranked much higher until he committed to U of H. Good speed from the highlights I watched and will be an excellent cover guy.

Jacky Candy: DB from Florida. Memphis commit earlier who switched to us. Good cover guy, may start.

Devin Mays from Cal: Very fast, good cover guy, may start.

Jeffrey Lewis: He will play corner. Great speed. Will push for starting position.

Jared Pickett: Not as fast as AJD but has excellent speed and balance.

I may have left someone out. If I did it is a failing of an old head who has followed and loved my coogs for over 50 years now.

I am sure others will correct my mistakes, grade my paper if you will. It was a great evening and I left prouder then ever to be a cougar
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