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per ESPN.com...

The gr*** turned out to be greener at New Mexico, despite Jamaal Williams' long look at several other schools following a coaching shakeup.

Williams, the top freshman rebounder in the Mountain West Conference this past season with a 5.1 average, decided not to leave the Lobos after coach Ritchie McKay replaced coach Fran Fraschilla on March 29.

The Lobos had given Williams permission to pursue opportunities at other ins***utions. When the process was complete, Williams said he decided to stay.

"Albuquerque is a place I feel comfortable in," Williams said.

He hadn't looked forward to starting over from scratch at some other school, Williams said.

"This is a great day for Lobo basketball, and for myself and the staff," said McKay. "Jamaal Williams is the type of person we want representing our program. He is a terrific student and he has tremendous character. Obviously, his abilities on the basketball floor are special as well. Im anxious to have the opportunity to coach Jamaal for three more years."

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