Full Version: NIU @ #17 Ball State Game Thread
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Less than a half hour til kickoff.


Did you see the scar on Donte Love's neck. It ran down the length of his neck.
wish i were at fatty's, but i've been fighting off a fever/cold. lets go huskies.
Ball State gets the ball first.
Jon Brost is a WR for BSU!!!
The Minnesota offense is going across the top of the screen, not Ball State's.
O____dad Wrote:Jon Brost is a WR for BSU!!!
Adam Weber and Eric Decker were also in their starting lineup.
They are really going for the sideline routes early.
Good pressure!!! Forced a punt!!!
good stop for the d
WHEW just dodged a major bullet right there.
Who blew that???
I blame that on Brown for not judging it better, if he knew it was going to be there he could call poison on that.
Harnish should have kept that.
If Harnish keeps on making those smart plays its going to be a damn good game
Spann runs HARD.
Nice run by Spann! Broke a few tackles on that one.
great job by spann.
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