Full Version: Great game today Wave!
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You guys have a very good fb team and I predict that the Wave will have a winning season and go to a bowl. I was impressed with your D today...They were very good up front. Both teams did every thing possible to try and loose...Way too many mistakes and turnovers. ECU was fortunate today to win.
ECU has an outstanding defense. As said before, perhaps the best the Wave will face this season. And that includes Alabama and LSU. They never seemed to tire. Great condition. This could be an amazing year for the Pirates.
Observer Wrote:This could be an amazing year for the Pirates.
No disrespect, because on September 14th I thought the exact same thing. But it is remarkable how life can turn out in a completely different direction from what we expect.
The teams that have those very special seasons are the ones that avoid being sidetracked by injuries.
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