Full Version: Illinois beats UD in womens soccer
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Go Illinois! Keep up the spirit. Aim high! We love you all. Grab the gold........

I support Illinois!


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The UD women’s soccer team is picked to win the A10 Conference this season, so says the league coaches in preseason voting. Charlotte swept the league last year to finish first, but the Flyers ended the season at 15-6-1 (8-2-1), good enough for second place. It was a solid league performance but ultimate success at Dayton is measured by NCAA appearances and the Flyers are looking to secure their first bid since 2004. With Charlotte and UMass led by new coaching staffs in 2009, stability could be a deciding factor. Salty, veteran head coach Mike Tucker returns to the sidelines for his 15th season and knows this year’s team – on paper – has what it takes to return to the postseason. The league coaches have spoken. The field of play, as always, gets the last word.
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