Full Version: Jason Thomas poll
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How do you expect Jason Thomas to perform this year?
I like UNLV ever since John Robinson became the coach. He has done great things for the school and I always see them on tv.

as far as JT, he should do well this year but he hasn't really had that "Heisman season" that people have expected of him. This year he will have a great group of running backs to work with which will help him out a lot.

If he can get some receivers who can do some damage after the catch, then look out Mountain West conference. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="biggrin.gif" />
I'm going with ©Just good enough to win. He's not Heisman-caliber, but he is a good QB. He was over hyped last year IMO.
Thomas was overhyped especially before coming to USC and then people expected great things in his first year at UNLV. He's a good quarterback but hasn't really lived up to his name at UNLV. hopefully this season will be a break out for him and the runnin' rebels.
Boy this poll really saw a lot of action. Well, considering the way Jason Thomas has started the season I guess there should have been a 4th option: YUCK!
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