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A busy student is a happy student! The happiest students are those who have found their place in a college that meets their academic and social needs, leaving them with so many activities that there's just not enough time in the day to be homesick or stressed. The Princeton Review's survey of 120,000 college students for "The Best 368 Colleges: 2009 Edition" revealed the top 10 schools with the happiest students. Read excerpts from the students’ responses to the survey below.

10. Tulane University (New Orleans, La.)
Tulane, "the ultimate work hard, play hard school" whose strong academics and laid-back approach make it the place where all the "cool, smart kids" go, is a place that inspires the type of student devotion rarely found at schools that lack powerhouse sports programs. Tulane students love exploring New Orleans, a city full of "art galleries and museums," "amazing" shopping on Magazine Street, "family-owned restaurants in the uptown area," "touristy" places in the French Quarter, and "a lot [of] different bars near campus." The city also boasts an "unparalleled music scene." Tulane undergrads point out that the school is "one of the most geographically diverse schools in the country," observing that "75 percent of the students come from more than 500 miles away." "Everyone here manages to find [his or her] own little niche."
Students who considered Tulane also looked at Vanderbilt University, Duke University and Emory University.
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