Full Version: Texas coach comments on FAU program
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This is from the UTEP Rivals board at MinerDigs.net

Longhorn Coach providing UTEP some bulliten board material!!

I have a friend who is a High School Football Coach in Houston. This past week, him and his staff attended a Coaching Clinic in San Angelo. There were many speakers and afterwards he was able to spend a little time with Wade Phillips and Major Applewhite. Major Applewhite was the O-Coordinator when Rice came in and beat UTEP 2 years ago, he was at Alabama last year, and now is the Running Backs Coach at Texas.
There were a number of Coaches gathered around asking Major Applewhite all ypes of questions about UT. One of the questions was: Who did he think the new starting running back would be?(as last years starter left early for the NFL.) Applewhite responded by saying "we won't really know until the 3rd game, since we don't play anybody in our first 2 games, we play Florida Atlantic and UTEP, AND SINCE WE'RE GOING TO KICK THEIR ASSES we won't really be able to tell for sure until we play some actual competition."

Yes, he said "we're going to kick their asses" when referring to Florida Atlantic and UTEP. Now based on the way we played last year he might be right, but I figured this might be a good thing to post as maybe it would inspire our guys just a little bit more as they go through their off-season workouts.

Note from Adler: It may be a tall order, but I hope you make this UT ***** eat his words.
UCF nearly took down Texas last season. Had our freshman linebacker held on to a potential interception of Colt McCoy and returned it for a touchdown (he had nothing but open field in front of him), the win would have been sealed for us. Texas is a very talented football team, but they are not unbeatable.
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