Full Version: UNLV considering leaving the MWC?
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I heard some rumors that UNLV has always wanted to be in the same conference as Nevada, and is getting fed up with the gang of 5 (CSU, BYU, Utah, AFA, & UW) not wanting to expand, and wanting to flirt with BCS conferences rather than try to make the MWC a BCS viable conference. I'll have to keep tabs on this rumor.
Interesting. I can see why the would want to be in the same conference as their big rival. I would hate it if Toledo and Bowling Green were not in the same conference. With us both being in the MAC West Division, there is a lot of meaning to our game. We always play Thanksgiving weekend. Last season we needed to beat them to clinch the division title and earn a berth in the MAC Championship Game. We won 42-24! 03-razz
Nevada is in the WAC now...and didn't Vegas just break away from the WAC (along with BYU, Wyoming, etc) just a couple years ago?
UNLV left the WAC not too long ago, probably because they thought there was no hope for the WAC, and it would never be a BCS conference, unlike the unethical gang of 5 ( :mad: :mad: :mad: 03-puke ) . Now UNLV is having those same doubts about the MWC, and is thinking seriously about leaving it. SDSU is another MWC team that isn't too happy either with the gang of 5.
I'm uncertain of this rumor but I've never seen it. At any rate the validity is suspect since the just expanded their stadium and agreed to meet the 16 sport requirment for classification as a IA school. I'll check this one out. 04-cheers
Why dont you guys lobby to join the two conferences and create more of a super conference then two mid major ones. Not going to be a Big East or anything, but def. better
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