Full Version: RB Agers gone
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Agres is no longer part of the Tulane football program. Source said Agers has a behaviour problem and had to be released. He is no longer in school and not welcome around the practice facility.

On a good note, RB Anderson looks very good, and his back-up J. T. McDonald shows some signs of ability, but seems to be slowed by leg injury. He is short, but a mass of muscle.

Other bad news. Potential walk-on Sean Dwyer doesn't apprear to be interested in Tulane any longer. He, nor his parents have returned any telephone calls from coaches.
Observer - can you give us an update on Dwyer. I've heard conflicting reports.
Also, does Ellis have the speed to be effective at OLB -especially covering spread offenses? I hadn't heard about that position change.

PaulDrake, sorry about the delay. I have not been to this site in a while. In answer to your questions;

The coaching staff feel that Ellis is quick enough to do what they want him to do at OLB. We shouldn't necessarily think of him as a one-on-one cover man. He will have mostly zone responsibility and blitz responsibility.

It happens that after I left the office of the person who told me that Dwyer's family had been unresponsive, Dwyer's father called. The rest is now history.
Well Observer, don't leave me hanging, what is the history?

Sorry about the delay again, but I have not been keeping up with this link.

The history is Dwyer family did return the coaches call. They followed up on scholarship applications and finanacial arrangements. Their son is now enrolled and scheduled to walk-on. I should add that according to his father, Dwyer is working out very hard and showing exceptional improvement in size and strength.
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