Full Version: Thursday football practice
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Defense is ahead of offense. As it should be this time of year. Defense is not showing hesitation, reacting very quickly.

Offense is showing more use of TE and FB in passing game.

QB; Joe Kemp looks to be ahead of Moore at this stage. Elliot running third. Scelfo no participating.

FB: Stephany is looking very good. Great size, good speed and excellent hands.

OL; In a battle with the improved DL.

RB; Anderson will do very well. Position very thin. Need more bodies.

WR; We need more speed.

DL; Much more physical than at this time last year. Need more bodies. Scott is very impressive. Ellis and Sparks moved to DE and doing very well.

LB; Solid group. Much bigger and stronger than in recent past. Good speed.

DB; Look to be much improved as a group. Picked off four passes in today's "scrimmage."

The thing that stands out across the board is the improved size and strength of the entire squad, plus their increased knowledge of the system. They are playing much faster.
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