Full Version: Spring practice
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I have been able to attend some of the practices and make some observations. Here is what I have seen.

QB -- Kemp is the most promising of all. Strongest arm, and most athletic. He still needs some grooming. He tends to force some of his passes.

RB -- There is no replacing Forte, but Alexander will be an excellent back. His back-up, Agers if very quick and can help.

WR -- Much more physical.

FB -- Look for the FB position to get more calls this coming season. Stephany is really maturing.

OL -- Much bigger, much more physical, much more experienced. Should be an improved bunch. A recent write-up had Nierman competing at guard and center, but I have only seen him practice at center. He seems to be the leader at that position.

DL -- Bigger, quicker, stronger, experienced, should do well.

LB -- I have really been impressed with this group. They look very good across the board. They show absolutely no hesitation once the ball is in play.

DB -- They look to be improved as a group. They look a lot faster.
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