Full Version: CSU vs BYU!
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The CSU game is beginning to intrigue me
If you take away the fact that the game is an example of a horrific scheduling hatchet job by Hair Thompson, the matchup is compelling. Just pray this game doesn't end up on Thursday night. That could be a killer.

Uncharacteristically, CSU's defense was particularly unreliable last season. The Rams barely finished ahead of BYU in scoring defense, a category where the Cougars fared terribly. And the Rams finished in the lower end of the conference in every other significant defensive category.

Equally unchacraterstic, BYU's defense was reliable in most games as you all know.

In contrast to BYU's poor statistical finish in total offense, CSU finished 1st in total offense. They also return 8 starters on this side of the ball. The Ram offense should rock again.

On the other side of the ball, the Rams only return 3 starters. They were bad last year and they lost their whole team. Their defense = our offense.

So what this game shapes up to be is a battle of the Rams good offense against the Cougars defense and the Rams rebuilding defense against the Cougars rebuilding offense. On paper, the teams are evenly matched.

In games like this, coaching and preparation are what makes the difference. If Crowton and his staff can get the team ready, this could be a game. However, I think in matters of game preparation, Lubick holds a slight edge. The Rams are the most disciplined team in the conference. Hopefully our staff learned something from the lesson Lubick taught them last October.

This is a good barometer game for Crowton. Given the matchup between the two teams, the importance of the game and the scheduling, it creates a tremendous opportunity for Crowton to show his stuff. If he can make a game out of this, it will show Crowton CAN coach and should do a lot to silence his critics.

This is a tough, tough--yet winnable--matchup for the Cougs. If the team shows well, you have to give Crowton his props. I'm looking forward to coaching staff getting the team ready to make a good showing despite all the obstacles and get a lot of the fans back on the bandwagon.
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