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Or is it?
I think so.
It would have to be.
And its in Indiana State's forum, no less.
They will be remembered in history.
For this monumental milestone.
Fortunately, nobody moderates this board.
Well, perhaps a Super Mod or an Administrator will venture in here one day...
But I doubt they will find this until it's too late!
I will win! Hahahaha!
Time for some pictures, yes?
[Image: emmitt.jpg]
There is Emmitt crying after learning about how terrible of an announcer he is.

He got all "blowed up" about it.
[Image: FutureTO.jpg]
Chad Johnson forcing his way out of Cincy...
[Image: 19DOH.jpg]
Oh this is just sweet! :)
[Image: PatsFan.jpg]
What the Patriots fans think of their performance in the big game...
[Image: ReidDonovanCry.jpg]
How cute...
[Image: Redrum.jpg]
How not cute...?
Time for some Chuck Norris jokes, eh? Wait, I'm not Canadian. I don't say "eh". I say "ya'll". But it doesn't quite fit here. But I'm not Canadian. Definitely. Stupid Americans!
When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he's not pushing himself up, he's pushing the world down.
Chuck Norris doesn't get offended. People who get offended get Chuck Norris. To roundhouse kick other people in the face.

(Yeah, that's lame, but I made it up myself.)
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