Full Version: The new staff finalized?
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Ok, so I know noone ever checks this, but in case someone does... what do you think of this staff:

Head Coach: Kevin Sumlin

Co-Offensive Coordinator/ QBs??: Dana Holgorsen

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Receivers: Jason Phillips

Running Backs: Clarence McKinney

Offensive Line: Joe Gilbert

Tight Ends/Special Teams Coordinator: Tony Levine

Defensive Coordinator/Safeties: John Skladany

Defensive Line: Jim Jeffcoat

Linebackers: Leon Burtnett

Cornerbacks: Zac Spavital

I'm not including the GA's and other personnel people. All in all, helluva lot better staff than the previous regime eh?
Just win, baby.

Doesn't really matter who we have as long as we get the job done. A new coach usually takes a few years to start winning, though.
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