Full Version: You guys deserve a share of the TITLE
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The only undefeated team left in D-1A at the end of the season.

Lots of Toledo Rockets fans out of the MAC Conference are congratulating you guys back here in Ohio.

Your Broncos deserve a share of the crown !!!!!
They definitely did deserve it...stupid BCS.
(02-12-2008 10:33 AM)TigerFoosball Wrote: [ -> ]They definitely did deserve it...stupid BCS.

+1, I hate that BCS garbage/crap/BS, too, it's a total insult to football pundit intelligence and is nowhere near a level playing field..."Share?"

What's the point of playing for a national championship if you have to "share" it with another team at the end of the year?

Not attacking you, "TF", but rather saying that Boise State deserves to be an OUTRIGHT Champion, they've earned much respect, and one of the best teams in the land, too bad the TV networks and certain sports journalists/analysts (especially in my lame-a**ed hometown) are too ignorant and arrogant to acknowledge this. If "sharing" is to be the norm, then Auburn and Utah should be "national champions" after the 2004 season...Where's their "share?" Instead , 4 schools, two of them with two losses, got to play for their "share" of the mythical national championship, one of them (Oklahoma) didn't even win their conference title game, doors got blown by 26 points to Kansas State.

What next? Two Heisman Trophy Winners? Two "National Coach Of The Year" Awards? Where does it end?

I'm telling you, the BCS is nothing more than a beauty contest borne moreso from image rather than substance, they handpick who they want to be champions, & blatantly exclude those they don't. I've seen pro wrestling matches that were more fair and balanced than this garbage!

...put all your division 1 conference champions in a bracket, seed them like you do in basketball, top seed gets homefield, until you get to the semis and the title game, to be held at a neutral site...at the end of the day, there's your TRUE national champion...it's called a PLAYOFF.

How hard can this be to do?

Go Get Em', Broncos! Death to the BCS!!!
I am an NIU supporter, who wishes that every conference was part of the BCS.
Why can we not all share in the huge pot of Gold.
Sucks to be left out. We know the feeling.
Would love to see Boise in the title game, and win!
You guys are the best non-BCS program.
P.S. Please show some Non-BCS love by voting for Marine Sgt Jake Coffman for the Lowes Senior award.
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