Full Version: Time to promote Tulane's new basketball facility
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Some on another Tulane board are saying it is time to begin pushing the new basketball facility, due to the success Tulane is experiencing. I think it will be better to wait until Tulane fans begin to react and start attending the games. That's when the excitment will be building and people will be eager to contribute.
we've waited long enough. We already have an 8 figure single source donation in hand. It's time to get on with it.
Get on with it, yes. That will be done at the conclusion of the season. But the timing for promoting it to increase participation is not yet ripe. When we see the fans begin to return to the games with excitement, thne make the push.
From an outsider looking in I think you should proceed ASAP. It would be a HUGE shot in the arm for basketball.

UCF is already experiencing that in their new building, all though attendance is not what they wanted it is noticeably higher.
Construction on the new or rebuilt facility is to begin at the end of current season. A problem will arise next season with playing all home games at the NOrena while construction continues.
A remodeled Fogleman would be awesome. Play your home games while it is being done in a series of local high school gyms. It would help promote and expose the program to locals and recruits, and attendance at the baby dome (NOrena) would not be good anyway.
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