Full Version: Come on Tulane Fans
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If we could get some more Tulane folks in here we can spruce the place up and add your colors and logos. All it takes is a couple regular posters and before long they keep appearing.
I'm trying, but it takes time for some to recognize the board exists.
Let me know if I can help.
Observer Wrote:I'm trying, but it takes time for some to recognize the board exists.

Hey Observer, how about a breakdown of your bb team. I haven't seen your guys play. How do you think you'll match up with UAB Wed night?

Go "freakin" UAB
There are a lot of us who post. Just don't know how to put colors and logos on the site.

I don't know anything about UAB, so I can't say how they match up.

Excellent point guard; however, because he's the only good ball handler, we're succeptible to the press.
Excellent insider scorer. He gets into foul trouble sometimes.
We have several rebounder and hard worker types. 10 players play most games.
Decent shooting team - shoot free throws real well.
I think you have expressed what most Tulane fans experience. Few know enough about the UAB program to comment on how they match up. So no-one comments.
Tough loss guys. Good luck the rest of the season!

Scout and Rivals don't have much. I just checked out Ye Olde Green Wave Forum, it has fans but doesn't look as quality as NCAAbbs. Maybe GTS needs to strike a deal with 'em to move over here.
Tulane fans start posting! Hope to see a good game tomorrow!
The game is a sell-out, and there is a big block party scheduled. $1 beer, entertainment. Should be fun.
observer you need to start recruiting or something
Yeah, it appears most Tulane fans prefer to be cloistered.
Tough loss for you guys on Sat. Although I don't think it would have mattered much concidering how you guys just couldn't seem to get shots to fall in the first half, UAB got a few breaks from the officials. Which rarely happens.

What's on the horizon for you guys as far as recruiting? You guys have some talent already. Looking forward to you guys making it hard on the top teams in the conference next season.

Go Blazers!
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