Full Version: Tulane will see improved QB play in 2008
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The progress shown by both Scelfo and Moore through the course of the season would lead one to conclude that better things are in store. But topping the list is the untested Kemp. His workouts in practice are extremely encouraging. One would expect him to emerge as the leader during the course of the season, but Scelfo is such a person that he may surprise.
Optimism is nice, but Scelfo is undersized and not gonna start.
Fat Harry Wrote:Optimism is nice, but Scelfo is undersized and not gonna start.

Undersized? You mean like Flute, Tarkenton and others?

You are correct, he may not start. But if he doesn't, that will be a good thing. That will mean Kemp has proven to the coaches that he is ready to take over.
With no Forté, strong QB play is a must for us. I think we can be Bowl eligible if we can get consistently good play from this position.
I agree. Strong QB play is essential for Tulane to have a successful season. Having watched many of the practices, and noting that Scelfo will be focusing his time and attention on baseball, I am convinced Kemp will start. I am also convinced he will do very well.
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