Full Version: MAC Fan Survey
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Hey guys. Doing some research for my book on the MAC. Would folks mind filling out a quick fan survey and posting it here? It would really help me know how fans of MAC schools see themselves and each other in the big picture. Thanks!

1.Who is your most hated MAC rival?
2.Who is the best player you’ve ever seen in the MAC (not from your own team)?
3.What is the MAC’s best stadium (not your own)?
4.Best game day environment (not your own)?
5.What are a couple of the MAC’s biggest party towns?
6.What are a couple of the MAC’s dead-end college towns?
7.What MAC school is the strongest academically (not your own)?
8.What MAC school is the weakest academically?
9.What is the reputation of your school, program and team among MAC fans?

Thanks a lot guys!!
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