Full Version: Aurora/Augustana Dirt Thread
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Hey guys, this has been a busy year. I am going to post these hopefully every week, so that when it comes time to make the Riot Act I am not up till 3 am trying to find just something interesting to put on them.

So if anyone has free time, just take a quick look through some stuff or something and see if you find anything funny.

Facebook Profile Links
Myspace Links
Names of pets/friends/significant others
Weaknesses (On and off the court)

Things like that! Post anything as mean as you want because if it is way too mean it won't go in anyways.

The rule for these threads however is: it is never mean enough lol

So basically, if you find ANY information at ALL that could slightly be a little bit useful, post it. That means news articles mentioning their name, links to anything pertaining to them... anything.

Here are the links to rosters:



Wow, Augustana has a JV team... thats kind of funny
You meant to say vulnerabilities, not Invulerablities
niu79 Wrote:You meant to say vulnerabilities, not Invulerablities

yes, sorry.
Huskiefan38 Wrote:Wow, Augustana has a JV team... thats kind of funny

Kyle Waller is on that JV team. He is a STUD. Don't know why he's not on the varsity team though. Looking at the roster, it looks like the coach suffers from Dusty/Novak/Veteran syndrome by playing the older guys over some of the better, younger players.
There are 3 sophomores listed on the varsity roster. Obviously he isn't thinking they have to be older to play up, only good enough. I've followed Augie (since I finished playing there way back in '87) and they have freshmen play when they are good enough. Waller must not be good enough yet or they would play him. That tells you how good they are! The Frye kid was a D-I recruit to Valpo and transferred this summer. He is listed on the JV team. Having the JV team available to develop players is obviously a benefit to them so their older guys have that much more experience. They are constantly one of the top teams in the CCIW, which is one of the top D-III leagues in the country. So, each year they re-load instead of rebuild.
I don't know much about d3 ball but I am just glad that these 2 are exhibition games. I have no idea how this team is going to be so these games could get interesting. They are both top notch d3 schools no doubt.
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