Full Version: Wolfpack gets TV contract
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per ESPN.com.....

The University of Nevada, Reno has landed a new television deal for the upcoming football and basketball seasons.

KRNV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Reno, will televise four Wolf Pack football games on the road this fall -- UNLV on Oct. 5, Hawaii on Oct. 12, SMU on Nov. 2 and Fresno State on Nov. 16.

Five basketball games will be telecast, all on the road, but those have not yet been selected.

"We are really, really pleased,'' UNR Athletic Director Chris Ault said. "This is solid ... TV throughout the western United States in sporting venues has been a tough sell,'' he told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

KRNV is one of 12 stations owned by Sun Belt Communications.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nevada continues to receive the advertising revenues from its two major TV sponsors, Barrick Gold Strike Mine and Champion Chevrolet. In exchange, KRNV can sell the remaining advertising inventory on the telecasts and will pay the production costs.

"We'll probably, at best, break even. But that's fine,'' Sun Belt CEO Ralph Toddre said. "Our whole goal is to get the interest back up. Get the interest back up, who knows, we might make money for this station,'' he said, estimating minimum production costs at $18,000.

Nevada's football team was 3-8 last year, it's third consecutive losing record. The basketball team had three straight losing campaigns before posting a 17-13 mark last season.
great exposure for the school and helps improve enrollment rate..well hopefully this will attract kids to the school.
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