Full Version: Dinwiddie not drafted
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Ryan Dinwiddie was NOT drafted into the NFL as was expected. But he did sign a free agent deal with the Chicago Bears. The Bears appear to want to have a full Boise State backfield with tailback Brock Forsey, fullback Bryan Johnson and now QB Ryan Dinwiddie....ALL from Boise State.

Going to Chicago seems kind of odd to me because Chicago drafted a QB in the 5th round of the NFL draft, that being Craig Krenzel of Ohio State. Dinwiddie says he was also offered free agent contracts by Carolina and Kansas City, but he chose to sign with Chicago. Good luck to him. :bluethumb:
Yep, best of luck to him. I'm surprised he wasn't drafted...
I think that Ryan will beat out Krenzel. Not sure what their thinking was drafting Krenzel, especially in the fifth round.
Tim Gilligan has gotten a try out with .... you guessed it... the Chicago Bears.
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