Full Version: Fresno fan on Board
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Maybe we can drag a few over here
Sounds good to me. We can get some good coversations going between the Dawg and Bronco fans.
Welcome! Bring them Dawgs over here! 04-cheers
I'm a SportsDawg, but not a Bulldawg.

Where are all the Bulldawgs?
Welcome aboard Bulldog fan! Hope to see more Fresno St. fans soon. 04-cheers
Welcome aboard! 04-cheers
we need more fresno fans over here!

everybody, go to their insiders board and invite 'em...(the football board is a good place to start)...

<a href='http://mb1.theinsiders.com/ffresnostatefrm1' target='_blank'>http://mb1.theinsiders.com/ffresnostatefrm1</a>
I've been stoping by.
FS fan here, just checking it out
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