Full Version: Who will be the starting tailback for BSU ?
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Pick your favorite to win the starting tailback spot for Boise State next fall. 04-cheers
Assuming you voted in the poll, we agree. I can see Carp starting due to durability or perceived durability, but Marks has got some tools that the others don't seem to have. His feild vision and cutting ability is scary good.

Plus the staff loves McCarty. He's got more of the total package than all of them if you look at blocking, receiving, etc.

Those 3 are the keys, but I still think Marks will win it.
I voted for Carp. Out of all the positions, this may be the most wide open race. I think that Marks will be the change of pace back, similiar role to D-Mike two years ago and Heck last year, leaving Carp, Mccarty and Dollar to battle for the 1 spot. I think that his small frame will keep the staff from starting him, and subjecting him to the beating, that the back who starts receives on a game to game basis.
I didn't see Brad Lau on this list. Hawk said that he'll see some tailback this season too.

My prediction is that he'll be the fan favorite before the end of his career.
Brad Lau is the starting fullback. He may see some occasional duty at tailback (like he did in the spring game) but he's not going to be the starting tailback. 04-cheers
Is it posted that he's the started fullback? I must have skimmed over that mention on the depth chart.

BoyCBronk Wrote:Is it posted that he's the started fullback? I must have skimmed over that mention on the depth chart.

Coach is pretty high on Brad...Big and Strong and doesn't have negative yards when he carries the ball. I really like backs that knock defensive linemen on their backsides.

But...he did fumble in the Spring game. Needs to learn to hold on to the ball.
based on what i saw at the spring game, i hope lau and marks are in the backfield. they make a nice combo of power and speed/quickness.

Lau fumbled a few times last year when going in for a TD as well. I really hope he fixes that problem, he will be a BIG weapon down there.
I'm surprised that Calvin McCarty has not gotten more votes. I think he's the darkhorse in this race. I think he has a very legit chance of being the starter next fall. 04-cheers
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