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Quote:Boise State, which last year went 13-1 (including a win in the Houston Bowl over TCU) and finished 16th in the final Associated Press poll...

Boise State played in the Houston Bowl??? I love it when a reporter does research...
This is a Nevada prep recruiting site! Nebraska is a long way from home!
I think it is terrific for Boise State that they were able to get a verbal commitment from a highly sought after recruit like Kyle Seevers, but I would not be at all surprised to see him sign elsewhere. Seen it too many times in the past. Just last year Boise State had a "verbal" commitment from another highly recruited high school quarterback out of Missouri, only to see him actually commit to Georgia Tech.

I'm not saying, or even trying to suggest, that Kyle Seevers WILL actually sign with some other school, I'm simply saying I would not be surprised to see it happen.

P. S. Even more inaccurate than the part about Boise State playing in the "Houston Bowl" (when they actually played in the Fort Worth Bowl) was this part of the article: "his verbal commitment represents a request to schools to stop the recruiting process – a request most schools honor." That is totally inaccurate. Many, many times, schools will not pursue a recruit until AFTER he has verbally committed to another school. Unethical? Maybe, but it happens many, many times.
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