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It look like another WAC title for Boise State.
David Krysakowski Wrote:It look like another WAC title for Boise State.
a bear went into the city.

a man went into the woods.

both became lost and lonely.

the bear hunted for food.

the man hunted for solice.

both became tired and sad.

the bear headed back into the woods just as the man headed back to the city.

they met.

the sad hungry bear ate the tired lonely man.

the man found solice. the bear found food.

the moral of this story: sometimes what you're looking for is somewhere between the city and the woods especially if what you're looking for is to be eaten by a sad hungry bear who is returning from the city.

-- story by david krysakowski.

p.s. another wac title? all the "experts" suggest fresno is due and boise is lucky and hawaii has a heisman trophy QB but still isn't good enough.

the "experts" should go for a nice long walk in the woods.

during sad hungry bear season.
Ya think so?

One question..........what is "solice". Is that like police? Or is it related to Frank Solich? Or did you mean SOLACE?
Uh oh, the spelling and grammar police are citing posters again...

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