Full Version: Boise State season football tickets
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I just ordered my football season tickets this morning. Just wondered where everyone is sitting this season. I'll be in Section 129 again but a little higher up this year.

I used to buy only two adult tickets but I decided to go with the family package this year (two adults and two juniors for only $252, even tho I have no "juniors"). It was cheaper than buying two individual adult tickets at $132 each, i.e., four seats for $252 vs. two seats for $269 (with tax). What a deal!! 03-razz

If you haven't got YOUR season tickets yet, you better hurry up and pick up the phone NOW. They are going FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. 04-cheers
Hmmmm, apparently either noone else here dares to mention where they are going to be sitting this season or noone else here has purchased season tickets. 03-confused

Can't be the latter, as Boise State season tickets are selling at an all-time record pace so far this season (with a HOME schedule of B.Y.U., Oregon State, Idaho, Fresno State, Hawaii, La Tech and S.M.U., it's easy to see why). :wave:
we remain in section 124 about the 35 yd line and next to the student section. Love those seats. ATW, Ghost and others are there or close by as well.

I sure would love to see 20k season tickets sold someday soon.
I don't know if we will see 20,000 in season tickets this year, but it's not too far off in the future I suspect. I'd be ecstatic if Boise State could sell 17,000 this season.

Remind me again, what do the Vandulls do in season ticket sales? It's about 2,000 if they are lucky isn't it?
in a good year.
Section 124
Row E (or F?)
Seats 1 & 2 - driectly across the aisle from the students on the 40!

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