Full Version: Predict the outcome of BSU vs. Idaho
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What will be the outcome of the Boise State vs. Idaho game this fall? Make your predictions.
You know, it all depends on just how much of the playbook Coach Hawkins decides to open up on the Vandals. If his form remains true to the last three years, all the Vandals will see are basic offensive plays and basic defensive sets. Because that's all Boise State will need to defeat U of I. And remember, we have Oregon State the following week, so I doubt Hawk will show very many “complicated
I think you are correct about that. If Hawkins stays true to what he has done in the past they will use very little of the playbook against Idaho. Beat em' by a couple of touchdowns and call it good, then open it up against Oregon State the following week. No sense showing too much of your gameplan for Idaho. LOL
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