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hey rules, what have you heard about wrestlers/brothers lyle and jake thompson out of rigby? i used to wrestle for their dad in high school and was talking to him yesterday and he said that they went to a few national touneys and did pretty well. the one in fargo, then one in greeley, co, in vegas and another one but i cant remember where. their dad said that lyle, who will be a senior this year, hasnt been contacted by any schools yet, but that jake, who i think he said will be a soph, has some schools talk to him while he was a freshman. i was just wondering if the broncs where even interested in them. thanx
I honestly would not know if they have contacted him or not. No idea at all. However, I would think he would have to do quite a bit better than what he has done so far in order to attract interest from any college, including Boise State. He went 2-2 in Greco and FS at Fargo .
I assure you that I mean absolutely no offense whatsoever but that is fairly average. The guys that Boise State recruits are usually All-Americans at Fargo (top 8 finishers), i.e., guys that went 8-2, 9-1 or 10-0 at Fargo. Lyle was nowhere near the All-American level at Fargo. He would have to show considerable improvement ON THE NATIONAL LEVEL over the next year in order to attract collegiate interest from any Div. 1-A school. Just MHO tho. Good luck to him. I hope he continues to improve this season.
thanks, i was just wondering if he had done well enough to get attention. i guess not.
oh well.
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