Full Version: What will be BSU's win-loss record this year?
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What do you think the Boise State football team will do in the way of wins and losses in 2005 (for the regular season). Make your pick. 04-cheers
I'm going with 11-1.
I think maybe 10-2 because the Georgia game may be possibly too much, but I'm pulling for my version of the Bulldogs to whoop on ya'll too. 03-razz Good luck this year
Georgia's going to be tough. Even though anything is posssible I see a loss there. Oregon State is another tough one, but very winnable. Bowling Green will be tough and should be a very high scoring game. Omar Jacobs and the BG offense is very tough to stop. That game could go either way, but being at Boise gives you guys the edge. Fresno State will be a dogfight.

Boise State could go anywhere from 8-4 to 11-1, with a very small chance of 12-0 if they beat Georgia. For the sake of a guess, I say 10-2.
I say we go 12 & 0 and I believe it can happen.
12 and 0 of course! And that is my unbiased opinion of course!!!

*Opinions of this poster are never unbiased. Side effects include the severe hyping of the Boise State Broncos and the chronic denial of over-hyping. Remember to consult your ego before applying any posts.
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